Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Today for the millionth time, I stared out of the university bus with the wind gnawing away at my almost perfect (?) hairstyle and with music blaring in my ears. Like the time on the 355 Connaught Place to Gol Chakkar, Noida bus when I peeked out of the window of the moving vehicle and found a popular senior on the stairs of the Supreme Court Lawyers' Chambers. Like the Oshtomi of 2007 when I walked all the way from Deshopriyo Park to New Alipore in a fit of rage, carrying a pair of broken slippers and my mp3 player tied in the folds of my dupatta.

Things haven't changed. They never will, I'm sure. I still like journeys when I'm in an extremely foul mood. Still like watching people pass by on their own journeys. I love journeys. I love cities.

Also, today I cursed myself. Some people I know are going to be at a conference, I wasn't so interested in, in seven days' time. It's in Srinagar. Until today, I didn't realize I should have written on one of the topics just for the sake of the trip. I didn't have to care about the attendance or the exams. It could have been the trip of a lifetime. Well, I missed the opportunity.

And again, I say dead city is utter crap. I like it for its anonymity, yes. But there are parts of it I cannot deal with. Three and a half years more here in this place. Scary!

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