Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Stories.

City freeze. Kombols. Sniffling. Colourful stoles from New Market. Mugs of Coffee. Sweaters. Ol' memories. Photographs. Early evenings. Love on a cold, winter's day. Hugs. Wandering around holding hands. New books. Ends. New Beginnings.

Intuitively, I feel that this winter is going to bring in happiness. I am loaded with work, this semester. And, I have made up my mind not to get into too much of college hypocrisy. Also, wasting time is BIG no-no! Going home in a about ten days. But more than that, I am looking forward to a productive and happy academic year. This year has been ghastly but it has wiped out an entire phase of my life I had been burdened with so long! There aren't any resolutions but I don't want to waste time or get into unnecessary haggling with people (read: hypocrisy) and then, as a result lose my cool.

I seriously cannot wait to start anew.

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