Saturday, January 30, 2010


the last time i lost you,
i didn't lose you to death.
i lost you to the memories of rain,
and to the moribund music of my soul.

i lost you,
but i never did love you.
i loved the city you loved.
the city that reeks of loss.
your loss and mine.
the city that smells of a muse,
i so long ago immersed myself in.

when i lost you, i lost your city.
the city slipped away
from my fingers like sand.
and, when i tell myself
that losing you meant
losing the city you loved,
i conjure up your fragrance,
and taste the city in my dreams.

they say it rains fireflies
in your city,now.
it echoes poignant verses of loss.
your loss and mine.
and, though i have never loved you,
i have loved the city you loved.
and now,
i have learned to lose it.

now, the city is only just a city.
only a memory that,
like a phantom,
will never leave me alone.

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