Monday, May 17, 2010


An old post. Put it up because the New Alipur House, that made me wish I was a Honda City riding like Vrooom, now has a gate on it and I cannot access the staircase. Also, I see you in every person on the roads of Calcutta.

for a moment today, i thought that the scarlet sky, blushing like a bride, was in your eyes. your dreamy-eyes eyes were like the sky on obscure, rainy evenings. crumpled tissue paper clouds on the canvas of sepia. and then tears. rain.

i wanted to kiss the rain away. fill your eyes with the sunshine they deserve. is it loneliness that fills your eyes with rain? is it the feeling of living alone, nowhere to cry? whom will you run to in the end? will you be the vagabond, you aren't supposed to be? who will play hide-and-seek with you? who will call you names and run back to you at the end of the day? who will stare at those eyes?

today as we stood in the darkened shadows of the abandoned wall, i could see your eyes. scarlet eyes. tears. today we didn't chase cars. instead we sat in the corner, on the stairs of the old building and saw life scurrying by. somehow the tunes in my head made sense. and i was wishing it would last. last forever?

things change. hope melts into despair. but somehow in your eyes my faith in myself, in life and the world remains intact. hope lingers. your eyes. never let them fill with tears. the glitterglitter is what makes them unique. what makes you unique.

i don't want to go away but i am. i hope i don't lose those eyes, bachem.

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