Sunday, June 20, 2010

Prof. Eff.

I had never for the life of me known that Prof. Eff was cock-eyed until today when I saw his (a)musing profile picture on Facebook. I, for one, always knew that there was some kind of brilliance in his eyes especially because he is so good with words, you know. The type who'd never know a single thing about a particular subject yet, conjure up an opinion. Prof. Eff is a very learned man biased, arrogant and arbitrary  and there is always a handful of students around him to 'attract his attention' - try and get internships confirmed, get articles published and suchlike. I have never been even considered running around him because during the first week of college and several times thereafter, he has caught me outside class (yes, LATE!) with my MP3 player. And, according to him, I wasn't a 'good' student (he has never noticed me for obvious reasons!) so, I never managed an internship or get a paper published under him. 

Yes, I have never ever been a teacher's pet and it really really hurts, sometimes. Yet, today when I chanced upon his profile and saw his photograph, I wanted to point at him and laugh sadistically. I'm probably insane, yes but during the first couple of semesters in university, I have felt awfully left out because I wasn't one of the few who mooted, or stood up in the auditorium to ask a question that was 'brilliant' by Prof. Eff's standards but rather sad according to mine. Also, I wasn't 'A Tout le Monde' turned constitutional enthusiast. I was and still am very normal. Despite the fact that I study law, I am very very normal (you should just see my geekazoidclassmates!). I still read literature that is not written by any IIT passout, I still listen to music and I do not ward off people because for the record, I do not do constitutional law for leisure. Yes, by Prof. Eff's  (and his constitutional battalion's) standards, I am NOT a law student.

To tell you the truth, I, in fact, enjoy studying but I do not study all the time.

Also, because of the toomuch 'law' that I have to keep up with now-a-days, I have lost the zest to write. I really thought that these holidays would be utilized properly creatively but sometimes I end up working during the weekends too which really tires me out. 

I really really wish I do not end up like Prof. Eff (and a few classmates of mine) - cock-eyed, desolate and in an uncanny way, obscure. Yes, I want to be successful but what is success if my family leaves  me in the middle of nowhere? What is success if I cannot tell my loved ones how much they mean to me? What is success if I cannot choose a novella over a book on Indian secularism?

Disclaimer: This may or may not be fiction. The author takes no responsibility if the fictional character of Prof. Eff bears any resemblance to any person, living or dead.

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  1. Writing is yours and you will discover it again and again :-). I like the new template :-)