Sunday, October 31, 2010

All I did this Pujo was photograph dizzy, maddening lights. Little did I know that their dizziness would be me. 
Have I ever been this busy in ages? I think not. Days pass me by in a haze. I cannot believe there are only just two months left for this year to melt into the next, and I can't, for the life of me, say that this has been an eventful year. Yes, may be I have too many expectations from myself. Or, may be I am an idealist wanting to do too many things, never realizing that you cannot really fit in all that into twelve months, seven days, twentyfour hours.

This semester, by far, is the worst. I do not particularly like any of the subjects, and also dealing with six law subjects is a pain! Moreover, I am mooting for the first time (YES! I vowed never to!) and you really have no personal life when you are mooting. I never believed this earlier but now I can vouch for it - I spent a Saturday night reading up documents on Westlaw and preparing arguments, and I have some footnoting to do but I shall pass, for Saturday night's gone, and it's Sunday morning already (sigh)!

Personally I feel mooting allows you no time to involve yourself in the politics of the world. I am socially non-est which is a great thing. At least, I can keep myself away from some very annoying people. But what I regret is that there is absolutely no time to read! 

Well, it's six thirty am, and I need to get to bed. With the winters setting in, it's more difficult to get out of bed to start working! Damn.


  1. Keeping yourself busy is a good thing. You know what they say about an idle mind, don't you? :P
    I've heard trauama stories about mooting from my lawyer friends. All the best, bhalo korbi! Hugs.