Friday, January 14, 2011

गलती करो |

Is the lesson for today. For a lifetime.
Who hasn't stumbled and fallen and then, almost immediately got up and dusted herself/himself and ran even faster? Who hasn't loved and lost and loved again? Who hasn't made mistakes? 

But you're too scared, aren't you? Too afraid to make mistakes? You don't want to stumble? You're afraid you might fall, and hurt yourself? Probably lose your limbs? Never run again? Never feel the wind in your hair, the breeze in your face? The cold, bittersweet winter that envelops you in its wake? You never want to make mistakes? You want to be perfect? 

गलती करो| So says DT.
Chamber. Library in the midst of Jurisprudence books. Balcony overlooking the quadrangle. Gandhi was scared to speak in public. So were you, yes. So am I. 
Gandhi became Mahatma. You became discipline, charm and gumption. And I? I shall start making mistakes from tomorrow.
जी हाँ, गलती करो| और सीखो|


  1. A lesson learnt is for life. And it is very hard to brave your fears to do a mistake and the to accept it.
    But nevertheless, to become your own self, it is a must to play the blinds!

  2. Mistakes are inevitable. They are what make us human, and they teach us what life is all about.