Monday, January 10, 2011

Pehla Din. Pehla Nasha. Pehla Khumaar.

Sixth semester. First day (technically; let's not count those three fervent days of the conference I did not attend). 

Specialization - Eleven kids. Only. BEAT THAT! The next Blackhole tragedy shall be in the Business Laws section, methinks. Our section is cozy. Small. Though exasperating sometimes (to other people) how I behave like such a geek. A lesser audience and a professor staring into my face and asking me inane questions gives me a high. Here's to me shouting "ICJ statute" "Article 36" (instead of 38) "Jus cogens" for the rest of the semester.

Civil Procedure Code - Nevermind. Tch. Tch. I read The Hindu and FB-ed on my phone.

Family Law II - All I know of this at the moment is that property, inheritance and such is the substance of the course. And that Salmond's ought to be read. The rest is a blur - I was eagerly waiting for DT!

Corporate Law II - Aerosmith had been constantly playing in my head. A's to be blamed, I tell you. Crazy. Crazy. The wait between FML 603 and COM 602 was so amazingly long that I was wondering if DT was on holiday or something. Then, he entered - the same smile that he gave me in the Convention hall two nights back - Ah! Bliss. And I took down every section that he mentioned. Directors - 2(13), Officers 2 (30), section 7, inside-outside directors, fiduciary relationship is a general term! I'm turning into such a Corportae billi because of this charming man, I tell you! * meow *

No Taxation today. After lunch classes - Another CPC and Property Laws - I did not attend. Hounded Airtel office twice for activation of SIM. The second time, alone. And came back with the head out of auto, autowallah constantly admonishing me "Accident didi!" and my shampooed hair in a mess!

Ah! First days.


  1. Ah! You remind me of college! Except that I never had any charming teachers, just one or two good teachers thanks to whom I mastered my Torts, Family Law and Constitution!

  2. After reading this, I am SO glad I didn't take up Law. :P

  3. @Sakshi - Well, DT is charming in an inexplicable way. ;)

    @Magically Bored - Haha. :P