Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I just realized I haven't visited my own blog in more than ten days. I know I had promised myself to write in it, and even taken on a (stupid) challenge that I didn't quite deliver. Blame it on the course (and non-course) readings, the random books I keep buying, the dreams of owning a KindleReader and the hapless idleness. I am also deeply perturbed about the whether further studies or job after degree question. I get my degree in about fifteen months' time, and I reallyreallyreally want to study further. If I could, I'd study all my life. The jobthing, the professionalismcrap I never understand. I'd really love it if someone would pay me to read and study and write and read and study... you get the drift.

Well, anyone. And I mean ANYONE who reads my blog out of curiousity or contempt and does or does not mean well for me, please drop a comment in here about LL.M.s/M.A. on Gender Studies or Transitional Justice. The process, the prerequisites, and the like. And people who know me know that my current love is Transitional Justice, so some information about TJ courses/summer courses/exchange programmes are welcome. Thanks!

Hmm, and since I had absolutely no idea how to end this post (because I have to pack; yes, I am home again, and I leave today for college - these days, trips home are incessant), I am putting up an excerpt of some gtalk conversation with the Boyfriend. 

me: i am looking at central european uni courses   
Lowe: ooo   kemon?   
me: exactly what i want   =D
11:58 PM 
okay. almost  
 Lowe: ooo   :)   
me: NYU = my ideal man. CEU = you. :P


  1. I don't think I will be able to help you with that but I think you should write more often. You are very good :-)

  2. And, even I have not heard of the courses you are talking! But, if they are research oriented, go get em girl! Hugs!