Friday, May 18, 2012

I shall write our story backwards.
From our meeting on that rainy afternoon in July,
you preparing to leave me, I
preparing to leave this city.
To the recurring Thursday evenings
when all that mattered was teenage angst
and Shakespeare.

Writing about us is
except that moments
should be panoramic,
like a view of Paris from a hotel room
on a sepia-tinted afternoon.
Instead they are like life, Warholesque, -
the spaces in between everything else.
Like a city caught between too many people.

I shall write our story backwards.
That is the only way
I can un-remember it.

- Because forgetting was never an option.
   Calcutta, India.                                                                                                18th May, 2012.


  1. These are by far THE most lovely lines I have read in the longest time :)

  2. there's something in me that bawled inside me reading this.
    "Like a city caught between too many people."-beautiful!

  3. This really is beautiful, heart-breakingly so.

  4. somebody had put the link of this post as a status on gchat and I randomly clicked on it.
    Worth it. Very beautifully written and feelings portrayed!