Sunday, August 12, 2012


I am back from the majestic mountains and I have no poetry in me, again. Just plain random prose. And a handful of colours, and some 5GB of memories. 
I also have enough smiles to last me for the next two months.
And a love that is so jarringly silent.

For now, only this.

And the fact that I have left a tiny part of myself at the foot of the Banjhakri falls.


  1. "And a love that is so jarringly silent." if prose could be this beautiful, I am wondering why poetry gets drained out of people- sucked out of them from a hose. I wish, I just wish. :)

    1. poetry "draining out of people" is good sometimes. it's like detoxing :)

    2. I echo your sentiments. It gets overbearing sometimes. Yet,when you are away, you keep desiring to go back. Dont you?