Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Les Chemins II: Day Eleven

A left today, and as usual, I didn't get a lot of things done. I got one or two things ticked off the list. And that's not a lot.

The point is this interview business feels like Oswin Oswald waiting inside the Asylum of the Daleks being all confident and hilarious and ohsocharming, wanting to travel the stars with the chinboy. Waiting to be rescued, basically.
Butbutbut, in the end when the Doctor finally finds her, she is not Oswin Oswald. She is an automaton. She is a Dalek. EGGSEGGSEGGSTERMINATE!
Moffat is bloody brilliant, without a doubt. But when you take a story, and put yourself in Oswin Oswald's place - being all intelligent, charming and making souffles to kill time - and then, suddenly you discover, you are trapped. You might not be rescued after all. So what do you do? You ask the Doctor to blow up the Asylum (or if you're Oswin, you do it yourself?)

You obviously don't survive. Maybe you do!
Oswin Oswald's fate is a Schrodinger's cat.
So is yours.

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