Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Les Chemins II: Day Ten

- The word, the number, Ten always always reminds me of David Tennant's last scene before he regenerates into Matt Smith. Puppylove eyes, a pout and "I don't want to go!" Eversince I have wondered why the Doctor, in any incarnation, would want his last words to be such. I'd die of utter shame if I was Doctor # 10.

- Today in college, I walked on freshly-cleaned floor, and the janitor-maashi gave me a horrid don't-you-dare-walk-all-over-me look. Later I gave that same look to the director when I told him about the interview, and his approach was ladida as if this wasn't a big deal at all. I am sure he passed the look onto his personal assistant who is tiny and rude and cannot spell my name, and she must have gone home and looked at her kids in the very same way, who at night glared their eyes in the same horrid way at their father who had probably refused to tell them a bedtime story.
This entire episode is like Enid Blyton's A Pennyworth of Kindness in reverse.

- There is this boy. Not Boy. Boy is special and precious. So yeah, there is this boy in another city whom I'd like to fancy but he is difficult and obstinate like a horse's shoe (but never lucky) and there is a boy, here, in this city. Let's call him Peeta Mellark considering the present state of affairs. Him, I'd like to fancy too. But this is the games, and the games reign supreme. Always the games, always the Capitol. Stay away from the Nightlock berries.

- Is it a sin, is it a crime, loving you dear like I do? If it's a crime then, I'm guilty. Guilty of loving you. Dedicated to the boy with a crop of hair and glasses, who is writing a flurry of poems for me in his room in the hills.

- Still no progress regarding anything substantial. Still confused. Still in a fix. But never scared. Always, always a little jittery, a little nervous.

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