Monday, October 1, 2012

Les Chemins II: Day Twelve.

Today is A's birthday and he wasn't going to be here today. But he was. So we tried to make something of it. It was nothing like last year, though. It was nothing like chickensausages-cheesepasta, mousse cake and cuddling. Today was fast-paced, like life will be from next year: repair iron - check, get some coffee - check, have some conversation - check, pick up chicken rolls - check, kiss on the nape of neck - check, hug tightly in public - checkcheck. That's probably because he will be leaving tomorrow, and I won't see him for an entire month. Or more, who knows?

I don't think I can emphasize on how much work I currently have. And the funniest part is I don't know how to go about it. Sound familiar, join the club?

I was only able to read my personal statement today and note down parts of my work I need to know about thoroughly. Nothing else was done. By nothing, I mean nothing. Just nada. Zilch. In fact, I have become such a humbug that I logged onto facebook and wasted time and then window-shopped for hi-fi cellphones on the internet. So wasted more time. And went to sleep just half an hour before A was due to leave, and couldn't even see him off.

Plus there's a ton of college work, I need to finish before I leave for Dillishehar.

Therefore, list for tomorrow:
- finish draft for arbitration paper, and prepare for presentation.
- landlaw drafts.
- professionalethics, copy from roommate. =D
- go through things listed from PS.
- prepare selfsame list from curriculum vitae.
- start work for mamoulidhan, not a lot of time left.
- read read read. SalmanRushdie isn't too happy you left midway him for academia.
- write more
- smile. eat. love. not necessarily in that order.

If someone is up there, anyone - thakur, bhogobaan, allah, al-manaat, almighty, archanagel gabriel, clouds, tubelights - please see me through this time. It's so tough it's funny.
But I don't want to come out of this with peals of laughter, I want to smile with gentle confidence.

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